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I practiced yoga for the first time in college to help with schoolwork stress.

I resisted the idea of teaching and pursuing theater believing instead that it was smarter to get more specific skills for the ‘real world’ thus opting for business school.

What do I want to tell you?

I love studying/learning – I got a bachelor’s degree, then master’s in business and worked in corporate America and Europe for over 10 years. Upon the arrival of my kids I wanted a more flexible work schedule and dove into health and wellness as a yoga teacher. I am a gym rat at heart and spend hours on strength, condition and movement, combining that with my yoga practice. It’s that magic combination that keeps me from getting a knee replacement! True story! After several injuries (and subsequent operations) I have practically no knee left… just bone-on-bone and severe osteoarthritis due to a complete loss of cartilage. A steady diet of knee rehab is my ‘life sentence’.

Over the past 20 years I have studied, experimented, poked, needled and prodded my own knee in an effort to live pain free (ok, as little as possible) and still do sports, yoga and activities to the fullest.

I remember one surgeon said, “Well, you’ve got a great lifestyle and can walk around the block.”

But what if walking around the block isn’t enough?!

I have been teaching yoga for 16 years. I bring myself fully to each class. My teaching style is a reflection of myself: thoughtful, engaged, observant, funny. I like to not take myself too seriously.

I am a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. I am grateful for my wonderful teachers. From the start in New York, Mary Dunn, James Murphy, and Carrie Owerko. In Sweden, Monica Haar (New Zealand) and Nina Sjödin.

And much gratitude to the movement gurus I follow and train with: Louise Dahl, Seth Ronland (, Andreas Öhgren (

My goal is to serve as an example of how to work with a knee injury in yoga, training and other sports. This is my life’s work. I hope to be able to be of help for others on this path!

In that vein, I am continuing my education not only in yoga and personal training but also physical therapy. I want to be the best resource for those with knee injury.

Walking around the block is not enough!

Action for Happiness

Within my soul searching especially when I was a new transplant to Sweden several years ago, I discovered this organisation – yes, spelled the British way because it is a UK company and worldwide effort.

Although mankind enjoys living longer, healthier and wealthier lives than ever before, we are not happier. Faces glued to smartphones and social media do not make happy folks. I love the grass-roots projects of Action for Happiness and their conscious effort to make their resources, work and courses available to all.

You can also learn more at Action for Happiness.


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